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Invincible adj. incapable of being defeated; unconquerable.


From 1988 to 1995, Wigan Rugby League Club dominated the Challenge Cup.  Eight years in a row they lifted the famous old trophy in an unbelievable show of strength, speed, skill, courage and determination that will surely never be surpassed.

For Wigan supporters, Wembley was a second home, while the likes of Ellery Hanley, Shaun edwards, Andy Gregory and Martin Offiah became household names and true sporting icons.

From the first triumph over Halifax through to the double success over Leeds, this is the complete story of that incredible achievement.

Featuring highlights from each of the finals and action on the 'Road to Wembley', behind the scenes footage and exclusive interviews with the men who played such a pivotal role in this remarkable period of success for rugby league's greatest ever team.